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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  July 4, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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4th of july. happy 4th of july. hope you have fun plans for the day. >> i am charley crowson. good morning. and i think you had a question earlier about half an hour ago. it's the 4th. >> what are you doing up? >> why are you awake? >> we are glad you are joining us. it's the 4th of july and you want to know about the weather, let's send it over to lynette charles. >> good morning. i wake up to see you and charley. >> oh. >> even on a holiday? >> even on a holiday. i love you guys. >> you are too sweet. so 4th of day. >> a tear. >> a tear. >> it's going to be hot and hazy today. you know, we have a chance for an ice lite lathed shower or thunderstorm to pop up going into the afternoon. above normal temperatures for the rest of the week and the storm chances are going to continue. now for today, for this morning, maryland's most powerful radar not picking up on anything. things are calling down a little bit. but then we will get the heating of the day going into the afternoon and that's why we will see showers and thunderstorms possibly popping up in the forecast. but for right now, things are
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dry. 71 in elkton and humidity is up there as well. 79 pez. that dew point coming in at 64. so when you step out and about, it seems like you might step out into a steam bath. but check out hour by hour. by lunchtime, 88 and then by 4 p.m., the high temperature will be right around 92. back to you guys. >> thanks so much. it's a minute after 6 right now. a fire in edgewater claimed the life of one woman and leaves another hospitalized this morning. sherrie johnson joins us this morning on de-- with details on how this happened. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with the nursing supervisor and right now 84- year-old roselia nolte is in critical condition at johns hopkins bayview medical center a woman in her 60s who investigators have not identified died in that fire. the fire started around 1:30 saturday afternoon. more than 60 firefighters responded to the two alarm fire onshore drive in edgewater. it took crews about half an hour to put out the fire.
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once they got inside, nolte suffered life-threatening injuries and the other woman was pronounced dead. neighbors say it was all very hard to see. one man even jumped in to try to save them. >> i tried to get in the house i felt the window first and there was no way. it was super hot. and we opened the door together and both almost got knock out right then and there. >> reporter: -- knocked out right then and there. >> reporter: that neighbor was taken to the hospital for smoke inmalation he's he tried to rest cute victims. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the fire. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> and another fire being investigated at a home in sparrows point that started around 4 sunday morning. baltimore county firefighters extinguished the blaze and no one was hurt. it remains under investigation. police are still looking for suspects into a shooting outside a club in rosedale. it happened outside the club baltimore around 2:00 saturday morning. officers found a large group of rowdy people along with a man shot in the head and neck. he was taken to bayview medical
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center where he was pronounced dead. five people were arrested for disorderly conduct and one of the fire was tased during the arrest. an officer was assault but suffered minors injuries. three minutes after six. today is all about celebrating our nation's independence. festivities are planned all around town for the 4th of july. baltimore city, baltimore county, you name it. the biggest show happens down at inner harbor. abc2 news linda so is live with a preview of what to expect. >> reporter: well, we know the fireworks here at the inner harbor will be huge. they always are. the show will get started at 9:30 tonight. but before that happens, there will be plenty for you to do with your family throughout the day. festivities are planned here at harbor all day long. they start at noon with kidsentertainment and live musical performances throughout the day. thousands will come down here to the harbor to celebrate america's 235th birthday. setup for the fireworks show has begun in curtis bay. two barges are stacked with
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more than 1400 shells. the fireworks show will last for about 18 minutes and synchronized to music. baltimore police will be out in huge numbers. they are not saying how many cops will be on patrol, but last year more than 300 officers were around the harbor. >> officers will be in uniform, but we are also going to have some officers out not in uniform. >> reporter: so gent fireworks show will -- so again, the fireworks show starts at 9:30. but starting at noon there, will be kids' entertainment by the visitor's center and also other live performances throughout the day at the amphitheater. linda so, abc2 news. 6:04. now as a reminder, monday, if that's your normal trash day in the city, don't bother to put it outside. the department of public works is on a holiday today and they are not picking up or recycling for the trash. the citizen drop off centers will be closed. now if you plan to head to the city for the 4th of 1kwru8
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being a -- july activities, the parking meeters are. >> the in effect today. good -- meeters are not in effect today. back in 1776, the u.s. declared independence from great britain. the philidelphia, the continental congress adopted the declaration of independence. that's why we celebrate. the declaration became 442 days after the first shots of the american revolution were fired at lexington and concord in massachusetts. if you are heading out today to the beach or a barbeque, be sure to choose a designated driver. if you can't find one and you are in baltimore city, there are other options for you. tipsy taxi will be out in full force to get you home safely. now today they will offer free rides home for people in baltimore city up to the value of $50. now they are only going to pick you up at a bar or restaurant, not house parties. the program will run from 10 tonight until 4:00 tomorrow
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morning. the number is on the screen. it's 877-963-taxi and we have got more information posted on the website so check it out at the old "idea is new again. at -- an old idea is new again. before the news started you would hear a voice saying it's 11:00 do you know where your children are? the baltimore city police department has come to us asking us to pose that question once again. so beginning tonight, pa. bc2 -- abc2 news will ask do you know where your kids are. jammy costello has the story -- jamie costello is the -- has the story. >> this is your police commissioner. tell him your name. >> reporter: the police commissioner of and father figure of baltimore. he wants kids to be safe. >> we are doing the curfew center. we brought kids in there that are 8 years old out after 11. >> reporter: starting tonight, right before the 11 on abc2 newsyou will heard the words that will bring back your childhood.
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it's 11:00 do you know where your children are? >> it's basic rules, like you have to be in before the streetlights are on. >> reporter: or the lightning bugs. >> right you have to be -- for me it was streetlights. the streetlights are on you are in. >> reporter: we walked around the harbor today knowing it's a different time for our kids. >> now i have two children. i have to constantly challenge myself, my wife, my kids where you going? how you getting there? how you getting back? who you going to be with? what you doing when you get there? this is so basic. >> reporter: but the slogan is it a started -- the slogan that started on buffalo tv is coming back strong. >> we want to raise the level of awareness and we want to raise the discussion in the whole area about what are we doing with our kids? thank for coming to the harbor. looks like awed great time. >> we have. >> and that was jamie costello reporting. abc2 news will ask the question every night with the hopes you will be able to respond, yes, i
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do, and they are safe and sound. it's 8 minutes after 6. the eye in the sky always watching you especially when it comes to the red light cameras. but-- >> but scamers may target you claiming you owe a fine for a crime you never committed. we will tack you to the nation's capital where they are prepping for a big night and one explosive 4th of july celebration. and annual tradition that can be hard to watch. that's right. who will be the world's hot dog eating champion? thank you. got a preview coming up in a bit when "good morning maryland" returns. first new york for a look at this morning's latest business news. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money, japan's recovery could aid america's. many economist feel feel the effects of japan's twin natural disasters are almost gone. and we should soon start seeing better jobs here. at the other end of the
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ladder,ceos of #00 top companies got 23% more than the year before compared to the average worker's salary who made under $40,000 and that's after half a percent increase. nadal was not the only loser at wimbledon, after 43 years, the tennis tournament is leaving nbc and reported will go going to espn. both espn and abc are owned by disney but there's no confirmation. and the latest transformer film was tops at box office. 97 million dollar was the biggest domestic debut of the year. it was not as good as last year's transformers. that's america's money, i am peggy bunker.
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and welcome back on this july 4th. if it hasn't happened wait one of these days a red light ticket will show up in your mailbox and scamers they know the odds of this happening are pretty good, too. that's why some of them are trying to use the tickets to steal your money and identity. joce sterman explains why in this week's scam alert. >> reporter: it might be the only thing worse than a bill to show up in the mail. red light tickets are a 75 dollar slap to the wallet. but some are using them to cost you even more. >> the scam artist is using law enforcement as a ruse. >> reporter: according to better business bureaus scamers are posing as police calling you to say you haven't paid a red light ticket and they need to collect. >> the phone caller asked for two things, the account number of a bank account number but also they are asking for the social security number. >> reporter: and if you give them that information, they
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will have access to your money and your identity. the bbb says the scamers are able to target certain groups by lists of phone numbers for people they think will be easy to fool. so if you get a ring about a red light ticket, it's like lay conman not the cops. >> they will not send you an e mail or make a phone call. so if you get a phone call, asking you to pay that fine that you missed a court date, walk away from it. >> reporter: or you could give them the green light to cruise into your cash and take over your credit. >> we spoke with police departments around baltimore area. so far they have yet to see a scam like this pulled off. but the bbb does warn once a scam works in one place, others will pick it up and run with it. other places as well. for more information, go to and click on the consumer tab and scam alert and we have all the past reports there for you to check out. news time is 6:13.
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the orioles took a series finale from the braves final score 5-4. zack britton you see it there. first career home run as a major leaguer. and he went onto pitch well. didn't get the win. but the breaks took the lead 4- -- braves took the lead but another home run, the third in two days. o's now travel to texas to take on the rangers. as a side note, nick 5 for 5 yesterday and catcher's named to the all star team. jones can make it by fan vote. get out and cast your ballotsoften and get the young man on the all star team. severe weather in the nation's capital. people running for cover from high winds and the rain. the national mall was evacuated because of thunderstorms sunday. can we expect this type of weather for today? let's hope not. let's get an answer from lynette charles. >> we could see showers and thunderstorms especially going into the afternoon. and maybe one or two of those
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could become severe, but we will keep you update and safe -- updated and safe. we have temperatures coming in right around 71 degrees in baltimore. and if you are traveling, and heading up north, philly at 72, new york coming in at 70. and 73 in norfolk and 65 in altuna and a 66 into pittsburgh. moisture is going to be a part of day. we will deal with the humidity and we have the dew . in the upper 60s -- point up to the upper 60s. the satellite and radar not picking up outs a -- on a lot. a few clouds streaming in. partly cloudy throughout the day. but you know as we go into time again, we have the heating of the day, and showers and thunderstorms, and it's possible to pop up here. it's the fact that a cold front back towards the west will stall out a little bit heading over central virginia. with that, that could be the focal point where we see showers and thunderstorms going
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into the afternoon. ahead of it, we are feeling that warm air. that cold front not going to be bringing any type of cold air even cool air behind that. as we look at the future radar, here's what i am talking about. showers and thunderstorms going into the afternoon around three. but most of this looks like it's going to stay to the east of us. so hit or miss showers throughout the day. and we look much better a going into tuesday and dry out and we will get more sunshine going into tuesday as well. and then by wednesday, we could do it all over again in terms of showers and thunderstorms popping up going into the afternoon. but for today on the 4th of july, we will be hot and hazy with the temperature right around 92. again, can't rule out the chance for a shower or thunderstorm in the forecast. which font -- by tonight, temperatures 68. and patchy clouds out there. and again an isolated shower is still possible. and then by tomorrow, looking much better. feeling better as well. and that temperature coming in right around 90. mostly sunny and it will be drier and hear's a check of the 7--- here's a check of the 7- day forecast.
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we will remain hot and humid with a chance of showers and thunderstorms through the rest of the week. back to you. >> thanks so much. 17 minutes after 6 right now. if you are eating your breakfast you might want to put down the spoon for the next story. it's as american as apple pie stuffing your face with hot dogs. amonth great tradition, the nathan's hot dog eating contest at coney island. alan tells us the crazy contest is about a lot more than just fun at the beach. take a look. >> reporter: you are watching all american marketing madness. nathan's hot dog eating contest is is a bonanza. as the eaters expanded the gastric capabilities, the popularity soared and so have sales of nathan's hot dogs. piling up 7 years in a row to 453 million last year. >> this is one of the greatest marketing stunts ever put forth in the united states.
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>> reporter: it's a natural for nathan's which opened first at the fun filled amusement park 96years ago. in the late 1970s, the contest was just another coney island side show. thought up by pr stuntman max rosie. >> his proteges are the marketing men that brought competitive eating into the modern era and created a phenomenon like introducing the mustard yellow championshipbell. espn covers the event and proploating -- promoting the eaters as professional athletes. >> it's sport and has the guys that are athletes for sure. >> reporter: this year's stunt build agnew rivalry between the u.s. and china chinese eaters to coney island when nathan's is embarking on a major expansion in china. >> if they take the belt, they are going to be eating our lunch literally. >> reporter: the media eats it up. and not just in coney island,
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the sheas have qualifying competition across the country and sponsors for other eating events, chicken wings, oysters, hamburgers, all part of what they call major league eating. cnn, new york. >> is it over? >> it's over. disgusting to watch. but is there any food you would enterer's eating contest for? >> no i like food and my food as you see on "good morning maryland "at nine. i came in and show starts at 8:58 and i eat until ten. >> right. >> no. but you have background knowledge. >> i did a story once how they trained for speed eating and apparently, a lot will eat pine apple because it -- pineapple and it stretches out your stomach. >> and i liked it until you told me that. >> i will show you the video. >> please don't. all right. heart warming homecoming on this independence day to tell you about. >> yeah. two children are given a
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giantpresent and they were shocked when they found out what was in it. >> one-on-one side and the other on the other. what's in there? >> daddy. >> oh. >> their dad came back from deployment early and as you can see surprised his kids. what great way to do it. >> great time of year to do it. >> i can't get enough of those stories. >> those are great to watch. it's 6:20. >> how about a little fireworks. people couldn't wait for today to catch the 4th of july fireworks display. this sell -- display. this happened in new york in westchester county. we will show you as many fireworks as we can before the big shows in our area in the inner harbor and catonsville. and we will bring you video here and from across the country. >> do you've favorite?
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>> favorite fireworks. i've seen new york and i like the fireworks show here from ourroof top. >> show off. >> i know. listen, this morning, rescue efforts continue. this situation involves a flooded mine. >> 23 people are trapped inside and it's a race against time in china as the flood waters continue to rise. some out there are saying this mine and its history safety standards are not good. more pomp and circumstances in canada. what the royal company is up to today as they continue their north american tour. and let's try it one more time on this july 4th. a few birthdays one in particular. hager celebrating. happy birthday. our picture of the day also with the 4th of july scene. this is going on at owings mills. >> if you have a interesting photo or birthday or if you want to say happy birth by a -- birthday to somebody or show off your dog or cat or kid send
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it to morning show at and give us the information about whoever is celebrating and we will pass it along to everybody else. we will be right back. ♪ the rich aroma gets you up
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k4r-67b 25. looking at inter-- 6:25. efforts continue in china today. this is all to rescue 23 people trapped in a flooded mine. right now preliminary investigations found the flooding was caused by all the heavy rainfall and breakdown of the drainage system. constant pumping throughout the day water levels rose inside the mine as water poured in from unidentified location. this mine is privately owned. and such mines tend to have worse safety standard. the grass courts in wimbledon has a new champion. joke vish took down -- djokovic
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took down nadal. it took 2 1/2 hours and it was never in doubt for djokovic losing one set but otherwise dominant. as a side note megan talked about this. after 43 years wimbledon now leaving nbc to head to espn. monaco's mop lation is about 36,000 -- population about 36,000 doubled for the royal wedding. prince albert ii and princess charleen celebrated a weekend of wedding events with a religious ceremony on saturday. on friday the couple was married in a civil ceremony in the palace. a weekend of weddings. after a good part of the weekend spent in quebec, the royal cup is moving on. you see prince william and cath rin greeting ex-- katherine
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greeting the residents. they are halfway through a 9- day tour of the country. after that they will wrap up the time in canada and head down south to the usa visiting california for the next three days. [ music ] ♪ mark military personnel serving the-- america's military personnel serving the country worldwide are remembers the meaning of independence day. that's includes these soldiers in afghanistan. they celebrate complete go a band. talk about a celebration that will have it all. >> from the american idol winner to a comedian we will go to a rehearsal that will have something for everybody. and he was on a mission to make a statement about not wearing a helmet but may be a cautionary tale for defending that argument. a jury must now decide the fate of 25-year-old casey
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anthony. the woman charged with murdering her 2-year-old daughter caylee. coming up, the final summation for the prosecution and defense. gas is very expensive, and just when you think the gas prices are going down, they go back up again. we know saving money is important.
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